Why Northeast Region Pest Control LLC?

Here at Northeast Region Pest Control LLC, we have steadily grown in the Providence, Rhode Island area, in part because we provide unrivaled customer support and bring a personal touch to all we do. You can be confident that not only will your pest control services be effective, but you will also find the entire experience to be pleasant and informative. We don’t cut corners or use unproven products or techniques that only provide short-term results. Our goal is to rid your home of the pests that bug you and prevent their return.

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How Northeast Region Pest Control LLC was created

It all began in 2001…
With little more than a firm commitment to taking care of people, a young thirty-something-year-old couple, George and Jennifer DeMedeiros, decided to start their own pest control company in Northeast, Rhode Island & Massachusetts. Working tirelessly to get the firm up and running, George and Jennifer pushed themselves hard to get enough business in the door to meet the demands of their fledgling new dream. “When Jennifer and I began the company in 2001,” George remarked, “We were so young. We could never have dreamed that our little two-person operation would bloom into the top quality pest control company in the Rhode Island.”

Enjoy your home totallypest-free

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Enjoy your home totally pest-free

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