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Find out why residents in & around Providence, RI call Northeast Region Pest Control when they have a pest problem
"George at NE Regional Pest Control is timely, courteous and efficient. He uses good judgement and always has our best interests in mind."
Raymond C., via NiceJob
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Efficient & Effective Pest Control Services

If you’ve got a pest problem, you want to have it sorted as soon as possible — and you want to have the issue resolved effectively. We understand you might have a few questions circling around in your head... are the chemicals safe that will be used to remove the pests? Will the problem go away? At Northeast Region Pest Control, we’re here to help.

Our certified and experienced team of pest control experts will provide you with an effective service that will not only help to resolve your pest problem but, it will also be informative for you too. We don’t cut corners here. We use proven products and techniques that provide long-term results. And we even offer recurring service plans to help make sure your pest problem won’t be a problem again! Take a look here to see what our customers are saying about our services or get in touch with us using one of the buttons below.

We Are Certified Pest Control Technicians

Home Pest Control in Providence, RI

Home Pest Control

Are you dealing with a pest problem at home? We all have lots of things going on at home and to think about — pests shouldn’t have to be one of them!

At Northeast Pest Control, we’ll help take care of your pest problem effectively, and efficiently. We understand the worry of using chemicals around children and pets. Will they be safe? You can rest assured that we use every safety precaution when applying any chemicals. We will explain the type of chemicals we are using and why and we try to use organic and natural products wherever possible.

How it works

Thorough Inspection: We start with a thorough inspection of your property. We’ll inspect your home both inside and out to identify the origin of your current pest problem(s). This enables us to locate the nesting sites of the pests and the potential entry points that could contribute to future pest activity.

Base Barrier Protection: After we've performed your inspection, we'll then use a variety of pet and family-friendly products to treat your property. Depending on the season and pest problem, we'll determine which of our base barrier products will best take care of your pests. Then we'll apply our guaranteed product all the way around the base of your home.

Spider Web & Wasp Nest Removal: During every service visit, our service professionals will carefully sweep all the eaves of your home (30 feet or lower). Having your eaves professionally swept is great for getting rid of the unsightly wasp nests or spider webs. However, the primary function of sweeping eaves is to prevent new pests from using your eaves as an entry point into your home.

Extended Yard Barrier: We start our yard barrier by granulating around the perimeter of your yard, keeping your neighbor’s pests in their yard. Next, we'll work our way toward your home, identifying and treating nesting sites such as shrubbery and damp, and shaded areas of your lawn. This gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy a pest-free home, but also but a yard with fewer pests!

Thorough Reporting & Customer Portal: Instead of leaving you a door hanger that may blow away in the wind, get wet in the rain, or get thrown away by accident, we send you an email detailing your completed service and what products we used. Each email we send will also give you access to your online customer portal, giving you the ability to see when your upcoming services will take place, update your payment information, and leave us feedback. This is all in an effort to make scheduling and keeping-up-to-date on your pest control services easier for you!

Home pest control project in Providence, RIGarden pest control in Providence, RI
"We just moved to Rhode Island, and are very concerned about keeping ticks out of our yard and away from our kids + pets. George and Northeast Region Pest Control came highly recommended for their trustworthy and knowledgeable service. We have been so happy with their work... So far no ticks or mosquitos!."
Lauren T., via Yelp
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Pest control in restaurant

Commercial Pest Control

As a business owner, pests are the last thing you need to be taking up your time and causing distress for your employees and customers. If you’ve got a pest problem in your commercial property, we’ll help you get it fixed ASAP.

We provide pest control services for:

Doctor Offices: When maintaining a sanitary environment is of the utmost importance, you can’t leave a pest infestation up to chance. For the best in New England pest control and prevention, invest in our pest control services today.

Restaurants: Nothing will ruin your restaurant’s reputation as quickly as a pest infestation. To keep pests such as cockroaches and rodents, and the contaminants they carry out of your kitchen and dining area, partner with Northeast Region Pest Control!

Warehouses: When pests invade, your warehouse facility can go from calm and organized to chaotic in no time at all. But at Northeast Region Pest Control LLC, we can help with commercial pest control services. Keep your inventory secure by contacting us today for professional pest protection.

Hotels & Motels: When your job is centered around keeping your customers happy, keeping your establishment pest control-free is a requirement. Our service can help keep your building pest-free and your customers satisfied!

Food Processing Facilities: If you own a food processing business, keeping pests out of your establishment is vital. At Northeast Region Pest Control LLC, we know the threats that pests can pose to your facility and offer the services needed to keep your business pest-free.

Office Buildings: When running an office building, maintaining a quality office environment is vital, and that includes keeping your establishment free of pests! To accomplish this, reach out to us at Northeast Region Pest Control for assistance!

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Our Commercial Pest Control Options

Whether you are currently dealing with a pest infestation or are looking to prevent pests before they even have the chance to invade, we can help!

Our Monthly Pest Control Plans

For businesses looking for ongoing pest management, our monthly service plans are a perfect choice. With this option, we’ll first work to eliminate any current pest problems that your business is experiencing, then maintain your pest-free environment through our regularly scheduled services that are customized to meet your specific needs. In addition to our general pest control plans (ants, spiders, etc.), we also offer the following treatment options:

  • Professional bed bug inspections and treatments
  • German cockroaches control and prevention
  • Quality termite control and prevention
  • Professional mosquito abatement services
  • Rodent removal and exclusion services

If you haven't invested in a professional pest control plan for your business, we highly recommend that you do so as pest problems can cause serious consequences for a business. If you have already noticed the presence of pests in your facility, don't wait! Get in touch with us below to see how we can help:

Our Warranties

We offer a 30 day or 90 day or 1 year warranty for all initial services. You will have the option to signup on a recurring service plan at the end of their warranty period or customers can simply signup right away to have more multi-pest coverage.


Pest Library

From the pests you’re familiar with to the ones you’d never seen until the moment you spotted them crawling across your kitchen counter, our pest library is a great resource to learn more about the pests that are bugging you.

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Bed bugs
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Why do residents in & around Providence, RI call us when they have a pest problem?

At Northeast Region Pest Control, we are committed to not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them. We don’t see you as just another customer. We understand that everyone we help has a unique pest problem that requires its own solution. When you contact us for pest control, you can rest assured that we'll exceed your expectations by providing you with thorough, individualized service to completely resolve your pest control needs. We don’t cut corners or use unproven products or techniques that only provide short-term results. Our goal is to rid your home of the pests that bug you and prevent their return.

Take a look to see what our customers have been saying about us here or tap on one of the buttons below to see how we can help you!