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Tick Control

Tick Control is a simple, affordable, and effective way to rid your home of ticks. The Tick Control System is delivered as a kit that includes a device that uses the power of sound waves to deter ticks from crawling up onto your property, where they can cause distress.

Features section:

Reduce the risk of tick bites

The device attracts and kills ticks with its powerful sound waves. This eliminates the need for chemicals, sprays, and other methods that can harm your family’s health and the environment alike. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that no ticks will be crawling around on your property – because it simply won’t happen!

Easily accessible remedy for prevention

The Tick Control System includes everything you need to get rid of ticks on your property: the device, an easy-to-use app, and a friendly online support team.


Save Money, Time, and Pain

NERPC is the only reusable, washable, and completely natural tick removal tool on the market.

Features section:

No matter where you’re headed or what you’re doing, relief is within reach!

Introducing NERPC – the all-new and totally revolutionary reusable, washable and 100% natural tick removal tool that’s changing lives!

How did we come up with this incredible solution?

As a nurse with years of experience in hospital settings, I have seen first hand how frustrating it can be to stop ticks in their tracks. It’s difficult to find effective tick control products that are also safe for sensitive skin.

We took this frustration to heart and decided to do something about it – we designed a product that was truly innovative and effective at controlling ticks while also being gentle on skin.

We then used our medical background to develop a simple yet highly effective way of applying NERPCs – simply peel one off its backing sheet, hold it like a band aid against an active tick for 10 seconds, gently pull it off, dispose of the tick in your trash (we’ll reimburse you for this!), then reapply your new band aid. This process is

Getting to grips with ticks

If you are looking for a tick control, check out NERPC. We offer the best tick control, at affordable pricing.

Features section:

Affordable and effective

NERCPC ticks are cost effective and have been proven to be the most effective tick control in the market today. We have a broad range of tick types to suit your specific needs, including one of a kind custom ticks.

Tick types:

There are a number of different ways in which we can remove your unwanted ticks. Some include physical removal, chemical removal, and in some cases our custom designed ticks can even provide an all natural solution!



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