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Flea Control

Fleas: nature’s little blood suckers

Fleas are the worst. They’re like the tiny, itchy, blood-sucking monsters of the pet world. But did you know that they can also transmit diseases to humans?

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The only thing worse than fleas is their diseases

It’s bad enough that they’re sucking on your dog all day, but these little critters have also been linked with a number of nasty illnesses that can be passed onto humans!

Protect your kids from flea diseases

And it’s not just your furry friends that need protection from these pests – flea bites can also cause serious medical complications in children. Protect them for good with NERPC.

Get rid of all your pesky fleas

NERPC is 100% effective in killing and preventing fleas on your pets, carpets, and yard. We use safe, natural ingredients that will get rid of all your flea problems!

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Fleas are a thing of the past

We use natural ingredients to offer you the safest product to keep your house free of those pesky flea families. Never worry about those itchy bites again!

Protect your pet from the dangers of fleas

Our products are not only safer for you but for your animals too. With our products you’ll never have to worry about side effects or health risks that are often associated with chemical treatments.

Easy to use, easy to trust

No harsh chemicals and compounds mean our products are safer for you and your family. It’s easy to keep them out of reach from small kids who might mistake them for candy or other foods. You can rest assured knowing that NERPC is 100% safe for everyone!

Keep your home from fleas

NERPC is a natural and organic flea control solution that’s safe for pets and humans – with no need to worry about harmful chemicals.

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Natural Ingredients

The 100% natural ingredients work to keep your house free from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other pests.

Keep it safe for your pet

We understand the importance of keeping your pet safe and healthy, which is why our solution is completely safe for both you and your furry friends.

Effective & Affordable

NERPC costs much less than other solutions (think hundreds of dollars) while still being effective – so you can have a pest-free home without breaking the bank!




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